Jython Browsing Perspective

The Jython Browsing perspective is easily recognized with its icon which depicts a looking glass over some pythons .

Important note: in the current version, the Jython model is not persistent and a Jython project is not rebuilt automatically when Eclipse is started. Therefore, after starting Eclipse, the user should select the project and choose "Project>Clean" from the menubar. If not, the browsing perspective will display empty source folders.

  • Projects view. The Projects view is a hierarchical view that outlines the Jython projects, their source folders and the packages in the source folders. Clicking on a source folder reveals its contents in the Modules view. The Projects view can be filtered with working sets.
  • Modules view. The Modules view list all modules in the selected source folder. Double clicking a module opens a module editor.
  • Module Contents view. The Module Contents view lists all top-level definitions in the module selected in the Modules view. Double clicking a definition opens a module editor.
  • Methods and Attributes view. The Methods and Attributes view lists all methods in the class selected in the Module Contens view. If no class is selected, this view is empty.
  • Editors. When the user brings an editor to the front, the corresponding module is selected in the Modules view.
  • Hierarchy view. The class hierarchy view (not shown here) shows the superclass or subclass hierarchy of a class.

The perspective also includes the standard console view, problems view, tasks view and search view.