Content Assist

When striking Crl+Space on the keyboard, or selecting the 'Content Assist' command from the 'Edit' menu, the module editor will try to propose completion of the partial name before the inserting point. In the current version, all definitions in the Jython model of a Jython project are considered. That includes definitions in modules in the source folders, in the libraries and in the built-in modules sys, os, time, new, types, math, cmath, re, thread, and struct. Dotted names are not interpreted. When editing a module that is not part of a Jython project, only the definitions in the edited module are considered.

The items in the pop-up list have the usual icons and they are shown with their context.

  • For a module, the format is <name>.
  • For a top-level definition in a module, the format is <name> - <name of module>.
  • For a top-level function in a module, the format is <name>(<argument list>) - <name of module>.
  • For a method, the format is <name>(<argument list>) - <name of class> - <name of module>.
  • For a Java class, the format is <name> - <name of Java package>.

The content assist proposals include definitions of referenced projects, as is for instance the case if the Jython library is a referenced project:

For Jython modules, classes, methods and functions, including definitions in built-in modules and libraries, the plug-in will add extra information for entries in the list of content assist proposals if the modules, classes, methods and functions have a documentation string.