Reporting Bugs

If you encounter a problem of which you think it is a bug, please consult the release history, the list of all stories and the frequently asked questions to check whether your issue is already known.

When the problem is not listed as future functionality and when it is not described as a known problem, please report the bug via the project web site.

For an effective investigation, a bug report should contain the following information:

  • The version of the plug-in
  • The operating system Eclipse is running on
  • A stack trace taken from the Error Log
  • A scenario that reveals the bug when Eclipse does not produce a stack trace
  • If applicable to the situation and useful for an investigation of the problem, also include:
    • Source code
    • JAR files
    • Project properties (class path and system path)
    • Launch configuration settings ("Arguments" and "Classpath" tabs in the launch configuration dialog)
    • JRE version