Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Given Answers

  • Where do I download the software?

    Many plug-in providers put their plug-ins on a web site for download. Then it is up to you to install the files in subfolders of your Eclipse installtion folder. However, the proper way of providing Eclipse plug-ins is to publish them on a so-called update site. Eclipse takes care of downloading the software and installing it in the right folders on your computer. JyDT is published on an update site too.

    If you want to install the plug-in for the the first time, follow the installation instructions.
    If you want to install a newer version of the plug-in, follow the upgrade instructions.

  • Why doesn't the plug-in run my .py files?

    You are probably using a version of the plug-in that does not provide a Jython launch configuration yet (versions up to 1.2.14).

    There are two solutions for your problem:

    1. Upgrade to the latest version of the plug-in (see the upgrade instructions). It provides a Jython launch configuration.
    2. Create an external tool launch configuration. Set it up like this (on MS Windows):

      This solution also works for running Python instead of Jython. The only difference in the launch configuration is the "Location" field. It should contain the full path to python.exe on your computer.

  • Is the plug-in open source?

    Yes, since version 1.4.11 JyDT is open source under the Common Public Licence. Older versions are not open source.

  • Can I use the plug-in for CPython development?

    Yes, but with some limitations, as most functionality is now implemented based on an interpreter for Jython 2.1.

    What does not work?

    • Launching a module with CPython. Use the external tool command to launch the module.
    • Support for new features introduced after version 2.1 of the language.