JyDT for Eclipse aims to provide the development tools expected by a Jython developer. The project was started by Red Robin in November 2003 and is carried out with limited resources. The project has gone open source in July 2005. The project is hosted on since April 2006. The evolution of JyDT is driven by the needs of the users.

The current version of JyDT is 1.4.15. See the release history, the list of all stories and the development page for details about the development of the plug-in.

The current version supports Jython 2.1 on Eclipse 3.2.x.

The prefered way of installation is connecting to the JyDT update site from within Eclipse as outlined in the installation instructions. For those who cannot access the update site due to access restrictions, the update site is also available as a zip file for download. For installation from a downloaded update site, follow the instructions to install from a local update site.

Eclipse 3.2.x   JyDT 1.4.15   Download
Eclipse 3.1.x   JyDT 1.4.14   Download
Eclipse 3.0.x   JyDT 1.4.10   Download
Eclipse 2.1.x   JyDT 1.2.16   Download

Notifications of new releases and informative messages are sent on the JyDT Users mailing list. Register yourself if you want to be kept up-to-date on the evolution of JyDT.

Send experience reports, comments, suggestions, questions and bug reports using the appropriate means on the project web page at SourceForge: the tracker and the public forums.

The documentation provided on this web site always refers to the latest version of the plug-in. For documentation on features in older versions, please read the help pages included in those versions.

Browse the features of the plug-in listed on the left side. New users should start with the installation instructions. After installation it is a good idea to read the getting started section to check correct configuration of the plug-in according to your preferences.

Due to the iterative style of development, in which many small releases are preferred over little big releases to ensure a short feedback cycle, it is possible that features are either not, not yet or only partially implemented. Before sending a mail with a question on missing or partially implemented features, please consult the release history, the list of all stories, the bug tracker and the frequently asked questions to check whether your issue is already known. If the issue is not known, send a bug report.


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