Installing JyDT from a Local Update Site

This section describes how to install JyDT by downloading an update site to a computer on your network and installing from there. That is not the prefered way of installation. Read the installation instructions to install JyDT by connecting to the update site on the internet from within Eclipse.

If you have another plug-in installed that includes an editor to open .py files, it might be better to uninstall it before proceeding with the installation of JyDT.

  1. Download the last release from the home page. In the remainder of these instructions it is assumed that a file named "" is downloaded to "c:\" on a MS Windows computer.

  2. Choose Help>Software Updates>Find and Install from the menu bar.

  3. The Install dialog appears. Select option "Search for new features to install" and press "Next".

  4. The dialog displays "Update sites to visit" which looks like this:

  5. Press "New Archived Site...". The "Select Local Site Archive" dialog appears. Select "c:\" and press "Open".

  6. The "Edit Local Site" dialog appears. Press "OK".

  7. The dialog now looks like shown below. Check item "" and press "Finish".

  8. The "Updates" dialog appears. Expand the items in the list until the dialog displays the version in the update site. When you install the plug-in, the dialog will probably display a more recent version than shown below. Check the version of "Jython Development Tools (JyDT)" and press "Next".

  9. The dialog, now titled "Install", displays the "Feature Licence". Read the license. Accept the licence. Press "Next".

  10. The dialog now displays the "Installation" and it lists JyDT. Press "Finish".

  11. When you are prompted that you are installling an unsigned feature, press "Install".

  12. When you are prompted to restart the workbench, press "Yes".

  13. Done. Read the getting started section to configure the plug-in before switching to the Jython perspective or the Jython Browsing perspective and creating your first Jython project.