The Metrics view is not part of the default configuration of the Jython perspective and the Jython Browsing perspective. In both perspectives, the Metrics view can easily be opened via Show View.

The Metrics view shows the metrics for the current selection in the current perspective: a project, a source folder, a .py file, a module, a class, a method, a function. Some metrics are not relevant for some selections. For instance, number of source folders is not relevant when a class is selected. In that case, the number of source folders will be zero.
Selection of an item in a project that is not a Jython project has no effect on the Metrics view.

The numbers are valid only when the project in which the selection resides is built. If the project is not built, all numbers will be zero except the number of source folders.

The Metrics view shows extra information for the maximum metrics. For maximum module lines of code and maximum method lines of code the module and the method with the most lines of code is shown. The user can navigate to the module and the method by double-clicking the line in the Metrics view.