Adding Source Folders to a Project

While adding source folders to a Jython project can be done through the properties pages of the project, the New Wizard in the Jython perspective and the Jython Browsing perspective includes commands to create them more easily.

  1. In the Jython perspective and the Jython Browsing perspective, the New menu lists the Jython resources that can be added to the Eclipse workspace. Select "Jython Source Folder" from the menu.

  2. The New Jython Source Folder wizard opens. If a Jython project was selected when choosing "Jython Source Folder" from the new menu, the project name will be filled in automatically, like in the screen shot below. Enter the project name or press the "Browse" button to choose one in the "Choose Project" dialog.

  3. Enter the name of the folder, or press the "Browse" button to select one. Check "Add folder to system path" if you want the folder to be included in the system path.

  4. Done.

    If the source folder was a new folder, it will show up in the Navigator view. The properties page of the project will list the folder as a source folder, as shown below. The check box will be checked if you requested to add the source folder to the system path.