Organizing Projects

Most of the time, a Jython project requires the Jython library, i.e. the "Lib" folder in the Jython installation folder. There are two ways to specify the dependency between the project and the library.

  1. The Jython library is added as a library in the properties of the project.

    When the plug-in did not support referenced projects (before version 1.4.x), specifying the Jython library as a library for the project was the only way to set up a dependency between a project and the Jython library. Library modules cannot be browsed nor opened, which makes this solution not very user friendly.

  2. The Jython library is a referenced project of the project.

    In this case, a Jython project for the Jython library is created and the project is specified as a referenced project. As of version 1.4.x, this is the preferred way of setting up a dependency between the Jython library and a project. Because the Jython library is represented by a project in the Eclipse workspace, the modules in the library can be browsed and opened.

    A side effect of creating a project for the Jython library is that the Jython "Lib" folder will include a ".project" file and a ".cachedir" folder.

Of course, you can specify as many referenced projects as you like and the chain of referenced projects is unlimited. Take care that a folder in the file system is not specified as a library and as a referenced project. It is recommended to use referenced projects only. That enables navigation across projects.

Although Java projects can be specified as referenced projects of Jython projects, referenced Java projects are not taken into account at this time.